First Time Hemp Flower Experience Report

I barely decorated the hemp flower benefits for the first time yesterday and thought I would report an experience. I do this because I know how many nubs it looks like and how it differs from ordinary weeds since I will give some glasses before I get into the experience.

I bought the sample from Apical Greens. It contains -Suvar Hagee -Sur Space Candy-Lifter. It was mailed to Bubble Mailer using USPS.

There is no smell outside the bubble mailer. Vacuum sealed plastic has no odor on the outside O Once I cut the sealed plastic I got the smell of it. The quality of the flower I think is good. I’m a nub so I know lol. It smells like weeds. And it was sticky. I think there was some orange in all 3 strains. I got 1 seed out of all of it.

Family Reserve™ 7g Cured CBD Hemp Flower - Family Hemp Brands

As someone else mentioned in this sub, it’s like a high but not high. It must have “weed” vibrations, but the headspace is still good. I don’t get BS as a regular bud panic or embarrassment. However you can still feel a little head high, it’s just stress id

Basically, you just feel comfortable. As you can feel it. It’s nothing more than just removing anxiety. I wanted to embrace myself more with my daughter and my puppy.

The music sounds better but I haven’t heard it for so long. The kids really don’t get it. I also get the increased focus thing. Usually like scrolling through the FB (I know, social media is meaningless), I don’t notice any details. I do not care? But in this stuff, I stop and look at people’s faces and analyze them. The weeds are similar but I can’t really focus and don’t forget my thoughts ol I’m really quite “enlightened” at the moment. I mixed the hedgehog with the liver. I think it makes it even stronger.

Let me explain … Each strain contains different types of turpentine and phytochemicals. So if you mix 2-3 strains, you get a better mix of terpenes and all these compounds. Probably not at Terpin in the elevator, but at Suver Hedge. Etc.

Also wanted to note that this is just for me to start with. The cost is 77.77 These include the Xmax v2 ​​vape, a grinder and 3g flowers. Of course, it is valuable, especially in the case of CBD oil. So yes I would definitely suggest hemp flowers to suffer from anxiety and even depression. They work together occasionally.