How To Find The Right Car Repair

I’ve been fixing cars for the last 43 years and I’ve been making videos the last 15 years on how to fix them. If you want learn more, watch my videos! Today I’m going to show you how to use your computer to find the car repair video that you’re looking for. First off, go to Google and type in Scotty Kilmer channel and there it is right on the top. We’ll click on it.

There’s my journal and just go to the top where it says, ‘Search uploads’. If you want to learn how to change your brake pads, just type in, ‘Changing brake pads’ and search. There it is. Changing brake pads in your car. We’ll just click on the video. My video on how to change brake pads on your car will help you find answers to your questions. Hey, it keeps me from having answered the same question over and over again to millions of people and if you want an even faster way to get to the videos, go to my website, Scotty There’s the same search engine for Google right there. Let’s say you want to learn how to clean fuel injectors, just type it in.

Voila, there’s my video on how to clean fuel injectors in your car. Just click on it and it’ll start playing. I found a new product that cleans the fuel injectors right on the vehicle and you don’t have to take anything apart. Now you can easily learn how to fix cars in the comfort of your living room. If you’ve got a big flat-screen TV, it makes it even easier to see the small parts. So if you’re a looking for the right car repair video, just go to Google and visit the Scottie Kilmer channel where there are informative car repair videos at your fingertips!