How We Came Up with this List of CBD Hemp Flowers?

We have seen a few criteria related to this CBD hemp flower bud. The main points we noticed were:

Sources of Hemp: In addition to the growing practice of each company, we have seen where and how the hemp was processed. Is it outdoor-grown or born in a greenhouse? Such questions help determine the quality of the hem and ensure consistency in quality across all strains. 

Most Popular Strains:  Which strains are customers buying the Highest? We found that the best strains were also the most famous. By closing it you can usually get a better idea of   the best products offered by the company.

Strength: Strictly speaking, we want to find the best when it comes to CBD flowers. As such, we have selected brands and strains with the highest overall CBD content among their strains. This means you get the most jolt to your pond in terms of relaxation and comfort.

Available sizes: Different people enjoy different amounts of flowers. There are several sizes of these companies available depending on your needs. They even offer wholesale options, if you need them.

Lab Testing: We have analyzed the lab testing policies of all the companies and selected the brands with maximum clarity in their product line. Only the COA suppliers on their websites have made it to this list so you can know exactly what you are getting when you order hemp flowers.

Shipping Policy: Shipping time and rates were also taken into consideration while compiling this list. Does the company offer same-day shipping? Is shipping free? Where do they send it? More and more brands are starting to offer faster shipping options to keep their competition going. As such, we have selected companies with the best shipping options.

Return Policy: Another issue we considered was the company’s return policy. While some companies may return hemp flowers, others have strict policies. Our top picks have the best return policy from all of them just so happened.

Customer experience: What do their customers say about it? We’ve seen reviews and testimonials from customers who bought flower products from companies to see what their experience was like. Based on the overall data we collect, we have been able to determine brands and products with the highest customer satisfaction rates.

Above all, safety, quality and a hassle-free experience are what we do and we know you do. That being said, we’ve taken everything into consideration when putting this list together to make sure you’re only getting the best of the best.

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