What To Ask When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is tough, but the system customers look for information now demands that your business have an online attendance. A mobile-optimized website is becoming as vital as a business license for any company expecting to survive past the first year. If marketing isn’t a strength of your team—or you don’t have the capacity to handle search engine optimization (SEO), email, pay-per-click (PPC), and social media—then you’re likely on the hunt for a Company to handle the day-to-day advertising work. But where do you start when looking for an agency? What are some of the best questions to ask a consultant to determine if their agency is a good fit for your brand? Here is what to ask when choosing a Digital marketing agency. Included are some of the important (and worst) questions I’ve knowledgeable in my time as a Digital Marketing advisor at Local Presence SEO.

The good:

What sort of clients do you work with?

This is a great question to open with. As a business owner, who you co-worker with can shape the achievement of your brand. Does the agency have experience with your industry? Great! Even if they don’t have direct experience, have they worked with clients that are in a similar situation? You are not always going to find the agency that specializes in clients who provide home valuations after a hurricane, but you might find one that has shown stellar results with home restoration companies following a flood or fire. The nature of the approach here is similar, and recognizing that processes can apply across industries might make your search easier.

What is your move toward marketing for my business?

Here’s one better question to follow up the first, and recognize if they really know your manufacturing or goal. After all, you know your business best, so the answer to this question should provide you with enough clarity to determine if they really know what they’re doing.

Describe your mission and your team. What are your strengths as a group?

This is one of my favorites, as it provides the opportunity for both the consultant and potential client a clear scope of work. If you’re looking for an agency that can do SEO well, perform keyword research, and give you a content marketing strategy, this is a great time to find out if they have these capabilities. An agency wants to play to their strengths. This question identifies where they might stand out or fall flat.

What marketing are you engaging in for your agency?
It’s simple. Are you practicing what you preach? Agencies are not (or shouldn’t be) giving out specific client campaign information unless given permission. We can speak on what we’re doing for our own agency without fear of breaching client trust.