Jump-Starting Your Car Battery

A dead car battery never happens at a good time, but fortunately a quick jumpstart can bring the battery back to life and bring you on your way. It’s important to jumpstart the battery in the correct way, and we’ll show you how. We suggest you always have a set of jumper cables in your car in case of a battery failure. Use caution when working with automotive batteries. Always wear safety glasses and work in a well ventilated area. The first thing you want to do is park the working vehicle near the car. That needs to be jumped, but don’t let them touch if possible. Position the car’s nose to nose about 18 inches apart. Next, shut off the ignition on both cars and remove the keys. Be sure to turn off the lights, radio, and other accessories that will drain power to begin. Connect the red or positive jumper cable clamp to the dead batteries.

You will see a plus on the battery near this post. Now that you have the jumper cable connected to the battery, do not touch the metal portion of the jumper cable clamps to each other or any part of the car except the proper battery terminal. After connecting the red clamp to the positive post of the dead battery, connect to the other red or positive clamp to the positive post of the good battery. Now connect the black clamp to the negative post of the working vehicles battery. Make sure all clamps are secure before making the final connection. Finally, secure the black plant to any unpainted metal surface of the engine of the dead car. Do not clamp to the battery post. Do a final check to make sure all cables are set and make sure everyone is clear of the engines. Now start the working car.

For a few minutes, charge the dead battery revs the engine slightly by pressing on the gas pedal lightly. After a few minutes, turn the ignition and the dead car. Let both cars idle for a few minutes. Once the debt cars running smoothly, disconnect the battery jumper cable in the reverse order. First, disconnect the black or negative cable from the negative post of the good battery. Remove the positive or red clamp from the good battery and finally remove the red plant from the previously dead battery. Now you can drive your car. Be sure to go to safe area before turning it off.